Fume extractor
Fume extractor
Fume extractor

Why choose Purex Fume Extraction Systems?

  • Industry Experience. Purex provides high quality technical support to assist with extract enclosure / nozzle design, or to help solve practical extraction difficulties.
  • Rugged. Welded Stainless Steel Chassis.
  • Ease of Maintenance. All components can be removed in minutes without the need for special tools, again resulting in reduced downtime.
  • Long filter life. Due to the use of the multi pocket high capacity pre-filter bag with its large surface area and graduated fibre density fabric.
  • Reduced Down Time. Filters can be changed in minutes.
  • Fully Displayed. Comprehensive instrumentation for filter condition and sensor status. Comprehensive gas and particulate monitoring system.
  • Quiet. Brushless motors used in our systems result in improved operator comfort.
  • Reverse Air Flow. Upward air flow prevents condensed liquids draining into the blower and electronics.
  • Automatic Flow Control.  Easy set up of extraction volume for any process and automatic adjustment as the filters become blocked.
  • Available interfacing. Two way interfacing enable Purex units to be switched on and off remotely and warning signals to be received by integrated control systems.


BSE, Inc is proud to be the master distributor of Purex Fume Extraction for North America!

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