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to Clean Air

A cost-efficient, well-maintained and healthy home

  • Most comprehensive air sensor that monitors nine air quality factors
  • Personalized tips on how to best improve your air
  • WiFi protected access 128-bit encryption
  • 1 uHoo device can cover over 500 – 800 square feet
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Our Advantage

uHoo Virus Index

The ‘uHoo Virus Index’ is a patent pending technology that uses the power of air quality data to help you know how to deactivate viruses in your home/workplace and how your air quality affects your health and immune system.

Various factors affect air quality, including your unique habits and spaces, and it’s important to take these into consideration. With uHoo, your air quality data can be transformed into actionable insights.


uHoo monitors your air so you know exactly how to improve it


Your Family Deserves Better Air Quality

The smart indoor air quality monitor. Studies have shown that indoor air quality is 5 times worse than it is outdoors. uHoo helps you see the air you breath in. Realtime information is sent right to your phone.

How It Works

uHoo Air Quality Monitor

Do you know the quality of the air in your work or in your own livingroom or bedrooms? uHoo detects and alerts you of allergens and toxins in the air you breath. uHoo lets you know when things are not right and keeps track of the air your breath around the clock.

uHoo App

uHoo Mobile app on iOS and Android

  • Monitor each room that has a uHoo from your uHoo app
  • Get alerts and notifications when air quality is bad
  • Automatically turn on and off your smart thermostat or smart air purifier
  • Understand how changes in air quality affects your health
  • Share your data with family and friends
  • Interacts seamlessly with other smart home devices
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