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Good indoor air quality is essential in buildings.
Indoor air pollution in buildings has a substantial impact on the health and safety of its occupants. Moreover, poor air increases the risk of the coronavirus surviving and being transmitted through the air.

Poor indoor air impacts the health and well-being of tenants. It’s one of the major causes of tenant complaints and dissatisfaction. If tenants do not feel comfortable and safe in the building they’re in, they are not likely to renew their lease contract and will move out.

uHoo helps you take control of these situations and stay on top of safety. By having the proper tools to address air quality, you can make better decisions to enhance the health and well-being of tenants in your building.

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Safeguard your environment against the coronavirus with the uHoo Virus Index™

The uHoo Virus Index™ utilizes AI-powered insights based on scientific research to provide a real-time risk assessment of the coronavirus surviving and becoming transmittable in the air. With this information, you would know which specific actions to take to reduce your coronavirus risk.

The uHoo Virus Index™ is based on a comprehensive analysis of multiple air quality factors. The safety thresholds are based on scientific research conducted by organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other scientific publications conducted by various scientists and universities.

uHoo monitors your air so you know exactly how to improve it


uHoo Business Dashboard

Take control and manage your indoor air quality to create a healthy workspace. And with uHoo Dashboard, viewing and managing your air quality in all your locations is simple, easy, and convienient.

How It Works

uHoo for Office

continuously monitors all the important things in the air so you know exactly what to do to improve it. View real-time and historical data of all your locations and manage them from one dashboard. Get alerts if any of your buildings exceed safety limits so you can immediatly take action. 

uHoo Dashboard

See what’s in your Air!

  • uHoo measures your environment so you know exactly how to improve it
  • User friendly application
  • Access real time and historical data, analysis, alerts, tips and integrations anywhere, anytime.
  • Best in class commercial environment monitor measuring 13 environmental factors* plus a virus index and air quality index
    *Upgradable up to 15 parameters with the option to choose among sulfur dioxide, ammonia, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide and ozone
uHoo Business Dashboard
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