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Industrial Dust Collecion


The Laser Pack 4 and 6 are specifically designed for the Laser Cutting industry. These heavy duty, plug and play, packaged units come complete with integrated: cyclonic spark trap, blower motor, start on demand controls and sound attenuation. Proprietary, Nano Elite, Filtration keeps filters from blinding in conjunction with venturi assisted pulsed cleaning resulting in longer filter life and consistent air flow. This Machine is backed by a 10 Year Warranty!    

A.C.T.ion Booth

Hundreds of applications require general dust collection from a room, work area, enclosure or zone. If you need an industrial dust collection system the ACTion Booth dust collector can handle some of the most demanding applications. This units multifunction design can meet your workspace needs, CFM requirements and can be used in a wide range of applications such as: Grinding, Sanding, Blasting, Powder Coating, Cutting Metals or Spraying Powders. Featuring a 7.5 HP blower motor, heavily constructed louvered door, one of the largest in the industry, you get maximum dust collection at all work heights. The integrated blower and interior, pulse clean diaphragm valves provide consistent, quiet and powerful performance. Additionally, there is almost no maintenance required on the ACTion Booth (ACTion Booth Power Module and ACTion Booth Series). Aside from changing the filters, you shouldn’t have to do much of anything.

TLM Bag House

With industry-best A.C.T Nano-Elite media, featuring a MERV 15 efficiency rating for effective collection of extremely fine dust, smoke and fume, DownFlow units remove 99.9% of particulate from the air. Clean air is directed to the location of your choice: either returned to your facility or exhausted to the environment. The patented door design of A.C.T. dust collectors is simple, fast and secure. Unique design eliminates the need for interior yoke supporting filters. The pulse clean system is unobstructed inside the filter for maximum effectiveness. Goyen diaphragm valves and electric solenoids are the industry standard. Coupled with Dwyer Instruments digital, solid-state pulse control, complete with on-board pressure switch, you can control on-line, on-demand and limiting downtime cleaning. All this is enclosed in a weatherproof housing for reliable operation. Scalable in size, these systems can be built to handle any amount of required air flow.

Downflow Dust Collector

As air enters these A.C.T. Dust Collectors, it accumulates on the outside of filters, as air is drawn through the high-efficiency media. Air flowing down through the system greatly assists the fallout of dust into the hopper where it is discharged. When the pulse clean system activates, and accumulated dust is released from the cartridges, unlike other designs, air flowing downward preventing dust from getting re-entrained and accumulating on the filter. These modularly designed top loading filter systems come with: hinged access doors and ACTion-Lock, tool-free bag replacement, OSHA compliant hand rail and caged access ladder, explosions vents, air locks, NFPA 2014 compliant backdraft dampers. Custom leg bases, Custom filter medias, Custom paint colors and Complete custom engineering capabilities are available.

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