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HEPA Benefits

Made in Canada

Premium air purifier ideal for improving indoor air quality in any sized space up to 1,400 square feet. Ideal for commercial settings, including offices, classrooms, medical centers, retail facilities and more.

Features one cubic foot of HEPA that is certified and independent lab-tested to remove 99.97% of airborne particles at 0.3 microns and a carbon filter to absorb unwanted odours, VOCs and organic compounds, creating that crisp, fresh air feel.

Each HEPA filter has a run life of 8,760 hours (~12 months), and carbon filters have a running life of 4,380 hours (~6 months).

Includes: 1x air purifier, 1x speed controller, 1x standard 120V plug  

Filtration Process


~one-cubic foot HEPA Filter

Activated Carbon Filter

HEPA Air Purifier

  • Captures 99.97% of Airborne Pathogens
  • Area Coverage up to 1,400 Square Feet
  • Instantly Deployable, Plug & Play
  • Locking Casters for Ease of Storage & Mobility

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