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Fire Station Air Scrubber

Vehicle exhaust filtration can be a tough problem to solve.  Our air scrubber provides a proactive solution to harmful pollutants put off by fire trucks, ambulances and other vehicles.  Full coverage of fire station apparatus room for exhaust fumes, dust, odors and allergens.  Instead of hooking directly onto the truck and only capturing exhausts fumes on the way out the BSE AIRMAX-FIRE is an active filtration method, allowing for filtration for both incoming and exiting vehicles. 


What’s Included

The unit comes standard with:

  • MERV 10 pleated pre-filter
  • 95%, 12-pocket bag filter
  • (3) 2″ Honeycomb 75% filled 50/50 Blend Carbon/Potassium Permanganate GAS PHASE Filter

What’s Optional

  • 99.97% Efficient HEPA Filter
  • Needlepoint Bipolar Ionizer
      • Releases charged ions to actively provide filtration outside of the unit, and increase capture rate in filters for airborne particulate, viruses, mold and more.

Mounting Method

  •  The machines are suspended from the ceiling with our ceiling mount kit, which provides stable for the machine.  The machine has a straight-thru airflow pattern, which allows for continuous air scrubbing throughout the day.



What to Expect

With traditional source capture, only exiting vehicle exhaust is captured.  With our BSE AIRMAX-FIRE filtration unit, the 3-stage filtration is capturing hazardous airborne particulate whenever the engine is running, and even 24/7 if desired.

With the optional addition of Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization, we combine passive and active filtration, offering a full-court press style of apparatus room filtration.


Areas of Use

Although the main use is for apparatus rooms in fire stations, these machines can be used anywhere vehicle fumes are exhausted, such as:

  • Repair Shops
  • Ambulance Services
  • Indoor Parking Facilities
  • Farming
  • Businesses Near Major Highways and/or Trucking Terminals

Learn how we can help improve your indoor air!

The BSE Fire Station Air Scrubber is available in 115v or 230v, and can be suspended from the ceiling by our ceiling mount kit.  In addition to the ceiling mount kit, we offer control panels to have the machines turn on automatically when the garage door opens.

Single control panel for a desired partition of ambient air cleaners- Control Panel Inputs: interface with the garage doors 24VDC output (field wiring), 208 or 220V, 1-Phase w/ Neutral (field wiring)- Specifics: safety disconnect, 120V/1 motor starters with overload protection (output), HMI touch screen control for green lights for running, red light for system off, virtual buttons for activation, stop button to reset timer, adjustable timer on the HMI which can be set for 1-10 minutes, dimensions: 36″ x 24″ x 9″- If any of the doors in any partition goes up, all the ambient units in that partition will turn on. If another garage door opens, the timer starts over.



Control Panel




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