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BSE, Inc offers a full line of standard and special fabricated industrial ducting, including galvanized ductwork, stainless steel ductwork, and carbon steel.  This can be utilized as an add-on to any of our clean air solutions, or as an already existing process.

In order to satisfy the needs of our customers, we offer a large range of options. For instance, we offer products in a variety of sizes beginning at 3” up to 24” in all kinds of materials.

Your customized solution will include:

  • Drawing of your custom solution

  • Bill of Material

  • Installation Guide

  • Calcualtion of air flow requirements (if applicable)

In addition to providing size and material options, we offer a full range of standard and special design products and can also supply our customers with all types of joining methods, including flanges, raw ends, airtight clamp-connect tubing and rolled-lip (clamp together) ducting.  The duct features easy to assemble components, airtight seals and best in class quality, and all 100% manufactured in the U.S.


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