A-2500 with Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization

Pathogen awareness and mitigation have become the highest of priorities as it relates to our personal safety and that of our customers and their employees. Our Ambient Air Cleaners now have an option to add Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) technology. These ionizers can be installed at the factory as an option on the “clean air side” of any of our A-1100 or A-2500 units. The filters in our units will continue to provide “active” filtration of the dirty air passing through them, while the ionizer projects ions via the exhaust air to provide “passive” air filtration outside of the unit.

Aerosol Extraction System

The use of proper PPE used in conjunction with our Chairside Extraoral Aerosol Extraction keeps your office safe. Air is filtered with HEPA and Carbon media leaving returned air fresh and air clean. Now it is more important than ever to protect: Doctors, hygienists, staff and other patients from aerosols generated in the treatment of patients. Be vigilant, let us help you make your operations more safe. Clean Air is more important now than ever. This turn key solution is portable light weight, uses standard power and is quick to deployment.

OptiClean™ Negative Air Machine

Right now, the world is more focused than ever on ways to slow and prevent the spread of disease. With more than a century of expertise in indoor environments. Carrier has developed a solution to help do just that. Carrier OptiClean™ can be used in hospitals to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by keeping potentially contaminated air within a confined space, cleaning it with HEPA-grade filtration and then ventilating outside. This solution is portable, using standard power and is ready to be pressed into action.

Purex - 650

The capture of dust and fume in the dental environment is more important now that ever. The 650 with its arms, high airflow and dust loading capabilities is perfect for the use of hand finishing appliances, implants and dentures. This unit is quiet in operation, has the highest grade HEPA technology for protection of technicians or doctors and is mounted on castors for easy mobility. Powered with standard voltages and arms mounted on board this is a turn key solution that is very flexible in its capabilities.