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BSE Aerosol Extraction Unit

The BSE Aerosol Extraction unit can be used in a variety of settings where a patient or customer produces bio-aerosols into the breathing area.  Capturing these aerosols at the local level prevents them from getting in into the airflow and potentially traveling throughout the building/room.  With a flexible and easily adjustable arm, on/off foot pedal, and industrial castors, the unit was engineered with ergonimcs in mind.

See the video’s below for an in-depth review by Dr. Sang Kwon in Indianapolis, IN.

The BSE Aerosol Extraction Unit features:

  • HEPA Filtration (99.997% down to .3μm) (Studies have shown HEPA provides significant filtration down to .01μm)

  • Direct capture, providing extraoral suction

  • Quiet operation (<60dBa)

  • Foot pedal for ergonomic ease of use

  • Industrial castors (2 locking)

  • 5 foot long, flexible arm to ensure proper placement

  • 4″ hood for source capture

  • Low maintenance, plug and play

  • Brushless, highly efficient blower motors are ball bearing supported for long service life

  • Technical Specifications:

    • 120 VAC power

    • Dimensions: 12.15″ x 12″ x 17″

    • Weight: 38 lbs.

    • Airflow: 135 CFM

    • Includes: Pad filter, HEPA/Chemical main filter, arm with hood, power cable, foot pedal

Dr. Sang Kwon of Traders Point Dental in Indianapolis, IN gives the chairside Aerosol Extraction Unit a review:

The BSE Aerosol Extraction unit is an effective way to neutralize the airborne aerosols produced during everyday procedures during patient visits.  The Aerosol Extraction unit uses a HEPA/Chemical dual filter to reduce the amount of aerosols and other pathogens produced in bulk during patient visits.  These units are made of stainless steel, and feature a 1-year warranty.  The machine also features an included footpedal, giving the operator flexible on/off capability.  The adjustable hose is durable, and easy to clean.  Due to this, the BSE Aerosol Extraction unit is a great, affordable option for those looking to keep their employees, patients and themselves safe.

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